Eagle Group, LLC ​can locate and make contact with those who have "skipped" on their debt at no additional charge for its clients.

Eagle Group, LLC can report

non-paying accounts to your consumer's credit report.  


Eagle Group, LLC is a collection agency owned and operated in New Castle, PA since 2006.  Eagle Group, LLC specializes in commercial collections and has over the years recovered tens of thousands of dollars for its clients.    At Eagle Group, LLC, there is absolutely NO FEE unless we recover money for you-you pay NOTHING.  Our fee for each successful collection is one-third (33%) of the amount collected.

If you are a small business and are owed money, we can help you.  Please call us to learn more at 724-594-2303.  .

Through our contacts with specialized debt-collection attorneys, Eagle Group, LLC can refer debts for legal action when approved by our client.

Eagle Group, LLC